Achievement of the highest possible quality of care for individuals and families assessment of performance for continuing improvements in quality of care.

Standard Operating Procedure
Administration of the Programme
(National Quality Improvement Programme in General Practice)
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QIP Practice Visit Form
1. GCFM Year 1
2. ATFM Year 1
3. ATFM Year 2

To-Do List For Trainee

  • You are given (4) four weeks notice for the QIP Practice Visit. 

  • Download & complete the relevant QIP Practice Visit Form (GCFM Year 1, ATFM Year 1 and ATFM Year 2).

  • Send the completed form by email to the Practice Assessor (2) two weeks before the visit. 

  • Notify and get permission from your authorized personnel regarding the visit. Please download the QIP Practice Visit Reply Form & send to

  • A copy of the permission should be emailed back to the Assessor & AFPM QIP Coordinator for GCFM. 

  • Communicate with your PRACTICE ASSESSOR for clinic visit arrangements. 

  • On the Visit Day, have ready a print-out of the QIP Level 1 forms to hand over to the Practice Assessor and have available all the relevant case notes. 

QIP Practice Visit Reply Form 

- A reply form to get approval from authorized person in charge to conduct QIP Clinic Visit.